ŞANALarc is a knowledge-centric design practice focused on civic and civil architecture, research and city-design situated in Istanbul.
The firm explores how unique qualities of place, intertwined with technology, art and social life, generate distinctive and expressive environments. Intensifying space, celebrating the natural environment, and delighting the imagination are valued in each of the practice’s architectural endeavors. Professional efforts are focused on design as a contributor to civic society and nature by exploring cultural values, sustainable design principles, local ecology, natural light, geometry, local materials, and available craft and dexterity in construction methods.
The studio was founded in 2002 by Murat Şanal and Alexis Şanal
Murat Şanal 
UCLA, MArch 1995, YTÜ, BArch 1994. AIA, TMMOB 
Murat's professional efforts focus on design as a force for quality in built environments relevant to their context, construction technology and sustainable opportunities. Murat's love of natural beauty of light, materials unique integrity and tectonics as a form of human expression combined with his background in computational design and sustainable systems underpins the firm's commitment to realizing architectural excellence. He is currently pioneering new horizons for Istanbul’s concrete construction sector as well as continues to contribute to studio jury’s at Istanbul’s leading architectural departments. (1969, Istanbul)
Alexis Şanal
MIT, MCP 2002, SCI-Arc, BArch, 1995. ​​​​​​​AIA 
Alexıs' vision of a streamlined relationship between people and the design of their environment reflected in her academic and professional pursuits. She has received awards for her architectural/urban design contributions to the community which reflect her passion is learning, cultural and civic environments that serve living culture embracing technologies and ecologies intelligently with the physical and natural environment. She currently leading research in Istanbul street markets structure, the Pazar, launching the Wedgetopia initiative for transforming residual land into vibrant urban places, and a member of Bomontiada’s creative board for a district wide public realm realization. MIT, MCP 2002, SCI-Arc, BArch, 1995.  (1974, Los Angeles)

​​​​​​​19 Abdulhak Molla Sokak, Arnavutkoy, Istanbul 34345, location, +90 212 358 02 04, www.sanalarc.com
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