OTIS Istanbul Headquarters // OTIS Genel Müdürlüğü
Istanbul, Turkey, Completed 2009
The new Otis Headquarters in Istanbul came from an intense collaboration with the client team created a vibrant work environment with high visibility between departments, concentrated team spaces and a place that communicate their organization are leaders in the 21st Century. Key to the workscape was the communication of the corporate culture, commitment to customer service and timeless values of the global company. Economy of means was also a highest priority to show that lean budgets coupled with technical ‘know-how’ and creative thinking can create vibrant and dynamic environments. The graphic designer, Esen Karol, and landscape designer, Arzu Nuhoglu, worked intimately within the architectural design team to realize a multi-dimension environment is subtle, but bold in its visual language. (1,600 m2)
Team: Alexis Şanal, Murat Şanal, Joseph Cele, Begum Öner
Collaborators: Esen Karol and Arzu Nuholğu
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