Living under a canopy perched over sweeping views.
Barboros Köy, Aegean, Completed in 2023
A home nestled into the arid subtle sloped terrain of the Aegean’s agricultural geography. The Aegean’s timeless natural and man-made landscapes is the setting for year-round living that embraces a harmonious way-of-life with nature and agriculture. Situated into the hillside, the hill’s landscape transitions into a roof garden creating an earthen insulation for thermal comfort, water recapture and moonlight gardens. The composition of architectural elements to enhance the connectivity to the diurnal rhythm is realized with the crafting the timber canopy which unifies indoor and outdoor spaces. The building systems are all natural and primarily sourced from the immediate surroundings and the knowledge from each trade is sourced from the emergent new micro-industries of innovators, makers and designers. The result is a family residence intertwined with in the land to practice a progressive way of farming from all natural means.
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