HEY!, Imaginable Guidelines is the first “city-design game” and everyone can play.
Through the crowd-sourced contributions of designers, engineers, experts, artists, citizens, a 101 card deck of the fundamental elements of city design is created. Players can then create their own design language and solutions, be informed actors or select cards for customized base design guidelines for their community. As a co-created guideline for Istanbul from Istanbul’s community of practical and experiential city intelligences, HEY! provides fundamental know-how to all of Istanbul’s citizen communities and awareness of possibilities of change. Bring out the empowered city-designer in you and, with your community, collectively create your public realm environment to be livable, sharable, walkable, feasible, doable and most importantly lovable.
Wedgetopia Draft Video
The Card Game

January 2014: Studio-X Istanbul supports Imaginable Guidelines and collaborates to create platforms for open source city design.
The core team forms:
Founder: SANALarc, Alexis Şanal
Researcher/Editor: Semra Horuz
Graphic Designer: Didem Ateş Mendi
Illustrator/Identity Designer: Memed Erdener
Interface/Web Designer: BILENDE
Supported by: Studio-X Istanbul
Project Coordinator: Ulufer Çelik
Interns: Julie Brun and Kiempke Zigterman
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