Augmenting Spatiality
The open call from the City of Sidney aimed to rethink and understand new practice for their under-utilized downtown laneways through an annual multiple small projects commissioning of collectives of architects, artists and curators.
Together with the visual artist Refik Anadol and curator Pelin Dervis the installation defined the interaction between the shared physical aspect of the city and its spaces composition, re-describing a new dialogues between urban ecologies. The work sampled sound from Beyoğlu-Karaköy axis adjacent alley environments and visually animated a composition of the sound-remix on the geometric EL tensile line situated above and across the length of laneway.  The EL geometry spatially extenuated and invited the eye to have a heightened awareness of the compression and vertically specific to Abercrombie Lane.
Sydney’s laneways are transforming from abandoned civil space to vibrant civic spaces and cultural platforms. Understanding the co-location of spatial experience of city design gives urban residents and leisure users new horizons in expression and experiences.
Abercrombie Lane, Sydney, Australia. Completed Sept 2012.
Exhibition dates: Sept 2012 - Jan 2013
Curator: Pelin Dervis / Artist: Refik Anadol
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