Sishane Park // Şişhane Park

Rethinking the threshold of the old city and modern city infrastructure. Istanbul, 2013 Services: City Design, Architecture Typology: Public Space, Public Park, Infrastructure, Transportation Hub, Parking

To situate a 1,000 car underground car park and transportation hub between lively social streets of Pera and the historical Galata created a great urban design and architectural challenge. The design responded with a contemporary interconnected curvature form with terraces that opens on the Golden Horn breathtaking view. Pedestrian first transit as well as creating roof garden for the public space utilized Istanbul’s best engineering, construction and design creativity. The park’s landscape continues into the parking entry level and bright colors are used to overcome the claustrophobic sense of parking lots. Central to the park is a wood silhouette walk that connects the terraces and offers a breath from the dense city as well as fantastic Golden horn panorama. Sishane responds to two necessities of urban spaces, car parking in the middle of the city and public area space where to hang  out, meet or enjoy sunset. As a transit hub Sishane park  intends to mold this two essential aspects of city life in one building, working a public space and transit hub for citizens as well for visitors.

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