SALT research // SALT araştırma

Provicator for Discussion & Ecclectisism The interior design for SALT research set in the atrium of the historic Ottoman Bank building was envisioned as a public tool and a vehicle to research, exchange, engage, and create content, but also as a distinct place-based steward of contemporary cultures. Digitally sampling the cities and the building is unique in our process of architectural design. Sampling the city through multi-modal digital platforms to create and compose narratives; then spatially re-collaged relations to create the 'sense' of place. Our design narratives are most clearly articulated in the 3 distinct objects: A) site + sound, B) light + aperture, and C) the atrium's 19th century ornament + view. The design approach pursued both millenniums of the 19th C historic building uniqueness and the new 21st C library in a choreographed composition. Our firm's sound sampling software, Adobe Illustrator's scripting platform, and Rhino's parametric surface mapping underpinned the concept to realization. Photography: Refik Anadol

Salt Research // Salt Araştırma  
Istanbul, Turkey, Completed 2011

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