Caferiye Han

Caferiye Han was built in the 19th century in Mercan Istanbul. It has continued to be an active workplace, production studios and storage halls for the 'makers' of the city's traders in apparel, hats, and uniforms. Istanbul’s Han workplace infrastructure mirror's many of the values sought in the contemporary entrepreneurship cultures of knowledge creation, creative industries and maker's synergy. The re-thinking of the Han workplace/production sub-culture both allows to intensify the uses of many under utilized buildings in the historic peninsula, but also rehearse ways timeless industry and new economies can co-create and co-flourish in concert. This city research will observe and document the formal and business changes in Caferiye Han as a variety of studios are let, sub-let and programmed for activities. SaDe's studio is located on the third floor and will be completed May1

Photos by Julie Brun, 2014
Identity Design: Murat Turan
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