Bomontiada is conceived as an embedded creative campus that anchors live music, performance, exhibition spaces; and supports thinking, making and enjoying as interdependent activities. The curios core of Bomontiada is situated in the renovated Historic Bomonti Beer Factory whose surrounding neighborhood is known for its multicultural families, traditions and exemplum of integration of different cultures sharing the same public space as well as a 1950’s mid-sized manufacturers inner-city industrial zone. Bomontiada is a laboratory understanding post-industrial Istanbul. The public realm design creates a spectrum of possibilities and experiences with the re-introduction of a living ecology, a variety of ‘public-settings’ for ever-changing events and happenings and weaving the district’s different fabric into a holistic experience – creating a seamless union between residential life, production, urban play and nature. As city-making takes time we hope in the coming year the large campus park, the adjacent frontage road and public art programs in the neighborhood are all tangible components of the Bomontiada experience.
Sinem Serap Duran 
Ibrahim Ozbunar
Ali Taptik

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